Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What chain is IST on?

IST deployed on the Agoric chain.

What wallet(s) are needed/supported by IST?

Keplr is supported for IST in general, but to interact with Agoric contracts like the PSM dApp, the Agoric Smart Wallet is also required.

Will IST be listed on exchanges?

Any exchange info will be announced through the usual social channels.

Where can I buy and/or sell IST?

IST can be traded using any of the available DEX or CEX as those become available and swapped for USDC or USDT via the Inter Protocol PSM.

How does IST maintain parity with the USD?

The PSM allows for direct 1:1 trades between IST and other bridged stablecoins as allowed by governance, keeping IST in line. The Inter Protocol Whitepaper goes into full detail on this topic.

Can I transfer IST to any chain?

IST can be transferred to any Cosmos chain that has enabled the Inter-Blockchain Community protocol (IBC) and has relayers connected to the Agoric chain.

How do I vote in IST governance proposals?

As Inter Protocol is deployed on the Agoric chain, you will need Agoric BLD tokens to vote on IST-related governance proposals.

What’s IST’s role in the Agoric ecosystem?

IST is the native fee token for transactions on Agoric.

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