Adjust Vault

Step-by-step guide on how to adjust the collateral and/or debt configuration on your vault

  1. From Vaults UI, click the vault you wish to adjust.

  2. Select one or multiple actions you wish to take on the vault and enter adjustment amounts. NOTE: you may perform a single or multiple vault adjustment actions in the same transaction. i.e. deposit more collateral and mint more IST. These include:

    1. Deposit (collateral) -> Deposit additional collateral into your vault. Increases the collateralization ratio of your vault

    2. Withdraw (collateral) -> Withdraw collateral from your vault to your wallet. Decreases the collateralization ratio of your vault

    3. Repay (IST) -> Reduces your IST debt and increases your collateralization ratio

    4. Mint More (IST) -> Increases your IST debt and reduces your collateralization ratio

  3. Hit 'Adjust Vault' button in 'Vault Summary' pane on right. You will be prompted to navigate to your Agoric Smart Wallet to approve transaction:

  4. Hit 'Approve' button in Agoric Smart Wallet to send transaction to Keplr for signing.

  5. Sign transaction in Keplr pop-up to transmit transaction to chain.

  6. Your vault will update automatically once transaction is successful.

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