Earn BLD by adding liquidity to IST/OSMO pool on Osmosis

  1. First, deposit IST to Osmosis. You'll also need an equally valued amount of OSMO in order to add liquidity to the other OSMO half of the pool. Alternatively you could use the auto-swap single asset feature.

  2. Navigate to https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/837 or search for 'IST/OSMO' from 'Pools'. (Note: you will have to toggle 'All Pools'):

  3. Hit 'Add/Remove Liquidity'. Enter the amounts you would like to add to the pool (Note: pool ratio is 50/50 so you must have equivalent assets for each half of the pool):

  4. Hit 'Add Liquidity'. Approve transaction in Keplr:

  5. You will see your liquidity balance under Liquidity Mining -> Available LP Tokens. Hit 'Start Earning':

  6. Enter the amount you wish to 'bond'. Note: you must bond in order to earn rewards. Your tokens will be bonded for 14 days which means you will be unable to move them during this period. Hit 'Next':

  7. Approve transaction in Keplr:

  8. You've successfully bonded your tokens and are now earning BLD rewards. Your 'Bonded Balance' will update under pool information and will also update under 'My Bondings' at bottom of page:

  9. Note: External incentive programs only run for a limited time, you will not earn rewards indefinitely.

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