BLD - Agoric's Governance Token

Use of the IST stabletoken may receive rewards on various external chains in the Interchain Ecosystem. Many of these rewards will be in the form of the BLD token. IST is minted by Inter Protocol, a set of contracts written in JavaScript and operating on the Agoric chain. The BLD token is the staking token for the Agoric chain which provides governance oversight of both the chain and Inter Protocol. Early users of IST are rewarded with BLD to recognize their role in bringing Inter Protocol to life.

BLD Use Cases

The BLD token is a critical asset on the Agoric chain. It has several current and possible future use cases:

  1. Proof-of-Stake security for the Agoric chain

  2. Governance of chain upgrades and core decisions

  3. Elects the Inter Protocol Economic Committee

  4. Earns fees for supporting core chain infrastructure such as Inter Protocol

In the future, BLD may also be used as a primary liquidity pair and/or airdrop recipient for projects launching on the Agoric chain.

BLD Tokenomics

See the Agoric Economy page to better understand BLD tokenomics

Using Your BLD

Your BLD is best used vs. sitting idle in your wallet! BLD can currently be staked to earn a return in exchange for providing security to the chain, or can be provided as liquidity to earn trading fees.


BLD can be staked to Agoric validators using the Keplr wallet or several other major Cosmos wallets or block explorer front ends. See How To Stake or Delegate on how to stake.

Liquidity Provision

Several Cosmos decentralized exchanges such as Osmosis and Crescent have liquidity pools that include the BLD token. Holders can pair their BLD with the other token in the pool to offer liquidity to traders in exchange for a portion of trading fees. Note that liquidity provision is a complex financial position that exposes you "Impermanent Loss." Make sure you understand the risks before diving in!

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