How to Deposit Assets to Osmosis

If you already have assets on Osmosis, you will be able to swap for BLD on the Osmosis Swap page. Note you will also need some $OSMO to move your BLD from Osmosis to the Agoric chain. If you need to deposit assets first, please follow below instructions:

  1. Connect your Keplr wallet by hitting 'Connect Wallet' in bottom left corner:

  2. Hit 'Deposit' at top of page:

  3. Select the asset you wish to deposit into Osmosis. You will be swapping this asset for BLD:

  4. Enter amount you wish to deposit then hit 'Deposit':

  5. You will be prompted to sign the transaction in Keplr. Hit 'Approve'. Your assets are being added via IBC transfer. Your balance will update to reflect addition of assets. Congratulations, you've now acquired some BLD tokens!

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