Minting IST - PSM

Note: Make sure you have provisioned your Agoric Smart Wallet before proceeding. See Wallet Usage -> Create Account for how to guide.

Step 1: Connect PSM Dapp to Agoric Smart Wallet

  1. Navigate to . Note: if you are using Brave browser, please ensure to turn off Brave shields before proceeding as it will interfere with the dapp->wallet communication.

  2. Verify you are connecting to 'Agoric Mainnet' in drop-down then click 'Connect Keplr' on far right:

  3. Once complete you'll see 'Keplr Connected' and you will see IST Swap panel features appear however you will need to accept the dapp connection in your Agoric Smart wallet to continue:

  4. Launch In 'Dashboards' view - hit 'Accept' for PSM Dapp Connection.

  5. You've now connected the PSM Dapp to your Agoric Smart Wallet and are ready to mint IST on the PSM!

Step 2: Mint IST

  1. Navigate back to the your PSM UI browser tab (or re-open in a new tab)

  2. On the IST Swap feature input screen, click 'Select Asset' in the 'Swap From' dropdown and select the stable asset you wish to swap for IST.

  3. Enter the amount you would like to swap and hit 'Create Swap Offer' (Note: Any applicable fees (in IST) will be deducted and reflected in your quoted IST amount.):

  4. You will see confirmation of swap offer sent in bottom right corner of the PSM:

  5. Navigate back to your Agoric Smart Wallet browser tab. You will see the swap offer appear as a panel on the right of you purses. In this example the stable token you are swapping for IST is the 'Give In' token with 'Want Out' token being IST. You will also see the Review and hit 'Approve':

  6. You will then be prompted to approve transaction in your Keplr wallet (or your Ledger) - hit 'Approve':

  7. Upon completion of the swap, the offer will update from 'Pending' to 'Accepted', your IST will appear in your Agoric Smart Wallet purse and in your Keplr wallet (under ‘Tokens’):

  8. Congratulations! You have just minted $IST and are ready to #ridethecosmos!

To Swap IST back for a stable token

Note: We strongly advise that you do not trade away all of your IST as doing so means you will no longer have any IST for future trades.

To swap your IST back to a stable token, hit the ‘reverse/switch’ toggle on the IST Swap dialog box on

You will need to similarly approve the offer in your Agoric Smart Wallet and approve Keplr transaction (as above).

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