Create your Agoric Account and Smart Wallet

How to Provision your Agoric Smart Wallet/Account

Note: You must have the Keplr wallet extension added to your browser (Chrome, Brave etc.) prior to continuing. See How to Create Your Agoric Wallet Address for instructions on this.

To setup an Agoric Smart Wallet, one needs 10 BLD tokens. The first entry details how to obtain them and can be skipped if one already has 10 BLD.

  1. Ensure you have at least 10 BLD tokens in your Keplr Wallet (This nominal amount disincentivizes bad actors from carrying out Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks). This will be required to provision your Agoric Smart Wallet in the next step. You will also receive 0.25 IST which can be used for fees when swapping your stable token for IST. BLD is currently listed on CEXs like Huobi or DEXs Crescent or Osmosis - see Acquiring BLD Tokens for more information on how to acquire BLD.

  2. Launch the Agoric Smart Wallet: You will be prompted to 'Create a Smart Wallet':

  3. Ensure Network Config points to mainnet -> and Wallet Address matches your Agoric Chain Account address on Keplr.

  4. Hit 'Create'

  5. Approve transaction in your Keplr wallet (or your Ledger):

  6. Once your smart wallet provisions you will see your wallet dashboard which includes all purses and purse amounts which includes any supported stable tokens (Axelar-bridged USDC (USDC__axl), Gravity-bridged USDC (USDC__grv), Axelar-bridged USDT (USDT_axl), Gravity-bridged USDT (USDT_grv)) and BLD you hold in your Keplr wallet:

Continue to Bridging External Tokens to Agoric to learn how to bridge external tokens like USDC or USDT to the Agoric chain before you try to mint IST using the PSM.

Continue to Minting IST using PSM to read instructions about how to mint IST using the PSM.

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