How to swap for BLD tokens from Osmosis and transfer to Agoric

  1. Navigate to the Osmosis Swap page Choose the amount of tokens to pay and see the amount of BLD you wish to receive and hit 'Swap':

  2. Approve Keplr transaction:

  3. If you don't have any $OSMO is your Osmosis account, now would be a good time to get some. You can simply swap a small amount of the asset you just deposited for some $OSMO - which you will need to cover fee moving your BLD to Agoric chain shortly. In this case I'm swapping some $BLD for $OSMO but you can use any supported IBC asset:

  4. Your BLD (and $OSMO if you just swapped for some) will appear in your Osmosis Assets. You will then need to withdraw to Agoric chain. Hit 'Withdraw > ':

  5. Ensure destination is 'Agoric' and that address matches your Agoric address in Keplr wallet:

  6. Approve IBC transaction in Keplr.

  7. Your BLD will appear in your Keplr wallet after a few seconds:

  8. You're ready to provision your Agoric Smart Wallet. See Create Your Agoric Smart Wallet for instructions.

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