Bridge DAI, USDC or USDT to Agoric via Axelar Bridge

In below walkthrough, we will be bridging USDC to Agoric but USDT and DAI follows the same process. It assumes you already have a USDC, USDT or DAIbalance in your Ethereum-source wallet i.e. MetaMask.

Note: We recommend that you use the Axelar bridge even if you are coming from other zones like Osmosis.

  1. Hit 'Connect Wallet' in top right corner:

  2. Connect your Ethereum-source wallet i.e. MetaMask

  3. Connect your Keplr wallet. You will see your source wallet (MetaMask) and destination wallet (Keplr) logos next to 'Connected' when you have successfully connected both wallets:

  4. Under 'From' select 'Ethereum' as source chain

  5. Under 'To' select 'Agoric' as destination chain

  6. Hit 'Autofill 'K'' to have Keplr auto-populate your Axelar Deposit Address (This action will pull your Axelar chain address from Keplr if you are connected.) You will be asked to approve connection in your Keplr wallet. Hit 'Approve'.

  7. Please confirm address matches in Axelar network address in your Keplr wallet):

  8. Select 'USDC' under 'I want to transfer'. If you have a USDC balance in your MetaMask wallet, you will see this appear next to 'Available'

  9. Enter the amount you wish to bridge. Note: you must have enough USDC to cover the relayer fee (this is dynamic and can range anwhere from 0-$25 as of time of writing).

  10. Hit 'Generate Deposit Address'

  11. A pop-up will appear showing you the 'Deposit Address' (this is the Axelar USDC token contract address). Hit 'Confirm'

  12. Hit 'Send From MetaMask':

  13. You will be prompted to confirm transaction in MetaMask, hit 'Confirm'. Note: You must have enough ETH balance in your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fee.

  14. It may take up to ~15mins for your transaction to complete. You will be able to view transaction on etherscan through this link:

  15. Once complete, you will see your USDC balance appear in your Agoric account on your Keplr wallet and in your Agoric Smart Wallet:

  16. Congrats - you've successfully bridged to Agoric and are ready to use the PSM to mint IST!

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