How to swap for BLD on Crescent

  1. Connect your Keplr wallet.

  2. Hit 'Deposit New Token':

  3. Select the IBC token in 'From' dropdown. The 'To' destination will auto-populate to Crescent address. Enter the amount your wish to deposit and hit 'Deposit New Token' button.

  4. Approve Transaction in Keplr:

  5. Open Keplr wallet, select Network dropdown and locate 'Crescent-1' - it may appear under 'Beta Support' section. Copy your Crescent address.

  6. You will need some CRE tokens to proceed. Locate the 'Faucet' button on top right of page. Click Faucet icon:

  7. Paste copied Crescent address into field and hit 'Send me tokens' to mint a small amount of CRE. You will receive 0.1 CRE in your Keplr wallet which you will need for transaction fees.

  8. You will need then to swap your IBC asset for bCRE (BLD is only available on Crescent via the bCRE/BLD pool). To do this navigate to Select the IBC asset you just deposited i.e. ATOM for source and bCRE for destination. Hit 'Swap':

  9. Approve transaction in Keplr (your will pay a small CRE for this).

  10. Return to 'Swap' page and select 'bCRE' as source token and 'BLD' as destination token. Enter amount you wish to swap then hit 'Swap':

  11. Approve Keplr transaction (you will pay a small CRE for this).

  12. Hit 'Manage' on 'Portfolio' page:

  13. Toggle to 'Withdraw' and verify the populate Agoric address matches your Agoric address in your Keplr wallet:

  14. Approve Keplr Transaction:

  15. After some time, your BLD will appear in your Keplr wallet and your Agoric Smart Wallet:

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