Bridge DAI, USDC or USDT to Agoric via Gravity Bridge

In below walkthrough, we will be bridging USDC to Agoric but USDT and DAI follows the same process. It assumes you already have a USDC, USDT or DA balance in your Ethereum-source wallet i.e. MetaMask.

  1. Under 'To, select 'Agoric' network to transact on:

  2. Under 'From' 'Ethereum', hit 'Connect' to connect your Metamask or similar wallet.

  3. Under 'To' 'Agoric', hit 'Connect to connect your Keplr wallet.

  4. When both are connected, it will look like this:

  5. Under 'Amount', select 'Token' dropdown and pick 'USD Coin'.

  6. Enter amount you wish to bridge

  7. Hit 'Give Permission to transfer USDC'

  8. Confirm Transaction in your wallet (MetaMask etc.)

  9. Hit 'Begin Transfer'

  10. Approve Transaction in your wallet (MetaMask etc.)

  11. Wait For Transaction to complete:

  12. Once Complete:

  13. You will see your bridged USDC appear in your Keplr wallet and Agoric Smart Wallet:

  14. Congrats - you've successfully bridged to Agoric and are ready to use the PSM to mint IST!

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