Supported Browsers (WIP)

Note: this page is in active development
Inter Protocol dapps are currently supported on the below browsers:
  • Chromium-based browsers
    • Google Chrome
    • Brave (currently users must disable their shields as this interferes with the Agoric Wallet UI connection)
    • Firefox (TBD)
Not currently supported:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
We may support other browsers in future.
Supported Mobile OS:
  • Android
  • Apple OS
Firefox Instructions
  1. 1.
    Download and Install Keplr extension
  2. 2.
    Create/Log Into Keplr account
  3. 3.
    Disable Firefox shields by turning 'Enhanced Tracking Protection' off (click shield next to lock next to URL)
  4. 4.
    Hitting 'Connect Keplr' in a dapp should prompt suggest chain and succeed
  5. 5.
    User needs to follow standard wallet instantiation process